Indian Nose

On our third day in San Marcos, Alex and Max joined two girls from London, Aleka and Emily, for a hike to the mirador (viewpoint) known as ‘Indian Nose.’

We walked from San Marcos past two other towns on a road along the lake. Surrounded by locals’ humble housing and farms most of the way, the view occasionally opened up to beautiful vistas of the lake.



Once we arrived at the town of San Juan, we turned away from the lake toward the mountains and entered the lush trail for the hike upward.


After about thirty minutes, we reached a lookout with the best view of the lake we’d seen yet.



From there, we continued upward until we reached an area where the trail opened up to a flat hilltop with a cross and a statue of the Virgin Mary overlooking the town of San Juan.


As we continued toward the peaks shaped like a face, which give the hike its name ‘lndian Nose,’ the trail grew thick with greenery.



What we heard would be a two hour round trip ended up taking about six, but the scenery along the way and the views from the top were so spectacular that we hardly noticed how long we we walked for.

Unfortunately, my camera battery died right before we reached the breathtaking viewfrom the top, so you’ll have to use your imagination, but believe me when I say it was amazing.

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