4 countries, 3 men, 2 buses, 1 long day (and lots of nuts)

After a nice two and a half week stay in Guatemala, it was time to head south to Nicaragua. We got a nice charter bus to take us from Guatemala City through El Salvador and Honduras, into Nicaragua. With a layover in San Salvador where we switched buses, and a stop at each of the three border crossings, the total travel time added up to about 20 hours. We sustained ourselves throughout the ride with a variety of nuts we picked up in Guatemala before we left – cashews, peanuts, and others we don’t know the names of. Luckily, the bus was really comfortable and there were movies playing for us to watch when we weren’t sleeping.


‘Ahh, luxury,’ thought Stephen.

The most memorable movie was ‘Are We There Yet?’ featuring Ice Cube, which I hadn’t seen since it came out years ago.

What made it even better was that it was dubbed in Spanish, with Spanish subtitles…



Ice Cube’s performance was nearly Oscar-worthy, although he wasn’t exactly the same gangster we remember from the days of NWA. (Fun fact: the actor who did Ice Cube’s voice was actually from a group called Nicaraguans with Attitude).

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