Meet Pantor of the Oaks

During our stay in San Marcos, we crossed paths with a legendary man, a curious creature of the woods, a forest dweller shrouded in mystery… Pantor of the Oaks.

With bright blue galaxies of eyes, the intrigue of his gaze is matched only by the sound made when he touches a drum.

Known by most simply as Tor, we had heard rumors of him and his place by the lake where he lives and makes drums.

When we met Tor at the bar in town, he invited us to come check out his home the following day, which we agreed to without hesitation.

Given only vague directions how to get there, we followed the stream alongside the fútbol field, through the bleachers, past the trees, down the dirt path, until we found a sign that reassured us we were going the right way.




The first thing we noticed when we arrived were the pieces of wood sitting out front, in the middle of their transformation into drums.



Tor greeted us from inside his home and invited us inside. Our jaws dropped as we saw the room, lines with nearly 20 hand made drums, mostly African style djembes.


Tor proceeded to show us each of the drums and hand one down for each of us to play.


Alex gravitated toward the largest of them all, a behemoth of a djembe with a playing surface bigger than both of his hands.



With drums in hand, we went outside, where Tor showed us a handful of different rhythms to play.

We each found our groove, and slapped, banged, and tapped away for over an hour, until we were all drummed out and called it a day.

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