Woman of the Week: La Isla de Maiz

Her body was beautiful: petite, yet curvacious.
Her energy was warm and inviting.
Her personality was relaxed, but full of surprises.

La Isla de Maiz sure was a keeper.

Our fourth WoW goes out to Little Corn Island for majestic island in the sun that she is. Best known for unspoiled reefs, welcoming waters, and sandy shores, her reputation is well-deserved, but the lush vegetation, balmy atomsphere, and fridges full of frosty beers exceeded all of our expectations. Not to mention her charming style and Raftarian accent.

Our relationship started slow, with a long walk that took us nearly all the way along the perimiter of the island.


Everything was new and exotic to us, and finds like this huge, tropical fruit were exciting.


Being there in low season, her majesty had few very visitors, so most places we wandered, we had to ourselves.


Whenever we found hammocks, we had no trouble taking advantage of the opportunities they presented.


Including this humongous one, fit for a king.


We climbed a small hill in the middle of the island to a lookout post that we climbed. The top was highest point on Corn Little and put the island in perspective.



Our hotel was right by the harbor, shown below, where most of the island’s ‘action’ (meals, drinks, boats coming and going, people walking on the shore…) was.


At times, it was hard for Stephen to contain his excitement.


…and Max and Mark were really happy to be enjoying the views together.


One day at lunch, a local fisherman walked back to the restaurant, carrying this BIG OL FISH, bare hands and bare feet.


Each evening began with a great sunset right, our queue to order the first (or third) round of beers.


La Isla taught us things too. She reminded us not to judge based on appearance… none of us guessed this tropical gal would be into sports. Her favorite? Baseball. And it happened to be the week of the World Series. So after a nice day off the grid without cell phones or electronics, we could still go to the ‘Sports Bar’ (really a restaurant with a TV) and watch the Giants beat the Royals in the World Series over $1.50 beers and fresh, cheap seafood.


But her best feature of all? You should have seen her coral reefs

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