Valle de la Luna & Muelle del Diablo

Valle de la Luna

After a few days of acclimating by walking the streets, we took a local bus out to the area known as Valley de la Luna (Valley of the Moon).



The moon-like foramations are the result of soft rocks made of clay being weathered by the wind, century after century.

IMG_1881 IMG_1890 IMG_1898

Despite the amazing rock formations there, what we expected to be a full day’s worth of hiking really took just an hour to see, leaving us a bit dissappointed. So, we went to another local hiking area we had heard of, Muelle del Diablo, but not before Stephen made sure to touch the Spirit of the Andes statue.


Muelle del Diablo


See that pointy little rock on the hill above the arrow? It wasn’t so little once we got up there.

Another local bus brought us to the outskirts of La Paz, along dirt roads, to a neighborhood of very basic brick houses, with a trail at the end of the road.



From the trailhead, we spotted our destination, Meulle del Diablo, up to the right.


As we ascended, we got closer and closer, but the altitude got the best of us, and we were happy enough with the view of the rock and the views of the city behind us.

IMG_1947  IMG_1935 IMG_1931

To our left, one of the many mountains visible from La Paz looked majestic.


We were quite content right where we were, and so was this cow.


“With this grass and this view, no need to moooooove today.”

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